I am a graduate student at Loyola University Chicago and currently live in Chicago with my boyfriend, Luke. I am originally from a suburb of Minneapolis, Minnesota and grew up involved in music and theater.

This blog was initially created in January 2014 to document my experience studying abroad in Rome, Italy. I had the wonderful opportunity to experience the world and earned college credit while I was at it, which is an absolute dream that still doesn’t feel like it really happened to me. Thankful doesn’t even begin to describe how I feel about my time in Rome, which is why I wanted to share my experience – through this blog – with the world.

It has been four years since I’ve been abroad and I haven’t quite decided on the purpose of this blog thereafter. For now, I am using it as a platform to share my experiences and things I have learned in my short, but full, 24 years. Hopefully my writing will be insightful and will resonate with some of you.

Thank you for visiting my blog.





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