What Next

It’s been a crazy few months to say the least. I forgot this blog even existed, but when I logged in just now I see that people have been viewing my page frequently in my absence. I’ll admit that made me a little giddy and also a bit embarrassed. I’m so sorry about failing at posting! I did re-read my last post, and unfortunately I’m not really keeping up with my resolution. BUT, this is only half true. I’ve been so insanely busy with 18 credit hours and a job taking up my weekends, that I haven’t had the cognitive space to keep track of whether my steps are enough or to go walk a bit when they are not. Of course, I’m going to try to work on actively meeting my goals. However, I started working as a server at a restaurant in January and have been averaging 15-20 thousand steps PER shift. So, I’d say I’m remaining active and I’m giving myself a bit of a break to take the bus or train when I’m busy rushing to class or appointments.

First legal drink — thanks for accompanying me, Emma 🙂

11026116_871436369581764_4189579880919598760_n I also turned 21 in March. I still can’t quite grasp that, but it’s pretty cool to be able to buy my own liquor for a change. I had the opportunity to go home over my spring break and see my dogs, get my hair re-done, renew my license, and also see my childhood home for the last time. This was a big one and I’m not too big too admit that I did listen to “The House That Built Me” and sob a little when my mom wasn’t home. You can never understand the impact of a place until it’s time to say goodbye, this is something I became all too familiar with while in Rome. I still ache for the walk up to JFRC and the feeling of openness which is hard to find here in Chicago that Rome provided. In that same way, saying goodbye to the house that, in a way, built me was devastating. My parents had been trying to sell for months, and I’ve lived there since 1998 so after months of waiting I kept clinging on to hope that maybe they would end up keeping the house and not selling it. For that, I’m grateful to have went home one last time. IMG_4485 IMG_4486 As you can see, we got a new door. And I obviously grew. Moving forward, I’m excited to visit my parent’s new home. The next few weeks are going to be arduous and frankly I’m worried about making it through finals, although I feel like I have that mentality every semester and every time I prove myself wrong. I’m hopeful that there are great things in my future. I’m waiting to hear back about a fellowship offer and I’m a couple days away from my final class registration in undergrad. It’s insane that I’m going to be a college graduate by the end of 2015. I don’t know how these past three years went so quickly but it’s frightening thinking about moving on to a new chapter. For now I’m working hard every second to balance work, school, and a fragment of my social life (I apologize to my dear friends for being unavailable, I still love you all!) and maintain my sanity. The good news is that this is the worst semester of undergrad I have had and will have, so long as I can make it to May 4th I will be moving on to better things and a lighter load. It hasn’t been all bad though, I did get to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day downtown (before rushing to my job that afternoon) and got to see Jason Derulo with my friends. IMG_4609 IMG_4626IMG_4616    IMG_4595 If all goes well these next three weeks, I’ll probably post one of my infrequent blog posts updating on what’s going on. Right now I’m working on research for one of my past professors and will continue to do this during the summer, hopefully with the help of a fellowship, which is very exciting as its something I hope to do in my future for a career (research). Overall I’m just glad the snow is finally gone and everyday I’m closer to a well-deserved summer break. Ciao, Danielle


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